About Hope Community Church


We at Hope Community Church are a community of people who love God, each other, and our community. We are striving to develop our faith, depend on hope, and deepen in love for God and our neighbor. We stand firmly on the historic Reformed perspective, rooted in the rich tradition of the Christian faith.


Hope Community Church was started in 2019 by a group of people who saw a need to join other gospel driven churches in Queen Creek to share the love and transforming power of Jesus. We began the hard and rewarding work of praying and planning. God has sustained us as we continued to prepare for our first worship gathering in January of 2020.


We want to multiply community groups and churches in the East Valley and our aim is to facilitate that through supporting local church plants and equipping and training leaders to be sent to plant in the South East Valley and beyond.


We are a worshiping community of believers in Jesus Christ who are committed to developing our faith in him, depending on the hope he offers in the gospel, and deepening our love for Him and our neighbors.


Christ-Centered Worship

All of Scripture points to Jesus. Whether we are in the Old Testament or New Testament, God’s Word is pointing to Christ’s person as the second person in the Holy Trinity as well as His work of saving his people from their sins. As we study God’s Word, we will look at it through the lens of how it points to Christ and the faith, hope, and love found in him. (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Gospel Driven Living

The gospel is the good news that King Jesus has come to inaugurate his kingdom by uniting us to Him. This means we are now reconciled to God. The gospel is found in the inerrant and infallible Word of God (2 Tim 3:16-17) and has many implications. For example, the gospel summons us to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. It also calls us to obey and make disciples. When we live out the implications of the gospel, real change takes place in individuals and communities because only God has the power to radically transform someone through the Spirit and a changed heart (Romans 1:16-17). The gospel, furthermore, calls us to be a faithful witness as exiles in the world. We are to reflect the values of God’s kingdom as we go about our daily practices and exercise the rhythms of life. We are to seek the welfare of all people around us for they too are created in the image of God.

Community Focused

We are committed to being a real community, meaning we need to be in authentic relationship with one another. This is so important to the Christian life. In fact, some of have even gone as far as to state that it is central to the Christian identity. This concept is foreign to us because we live in an individualistic society. Yet Scripture reminds us that we are communal creatures. We see that in the creation account. It was not good for man to be alone. The gospel affirms the need to be in community. The church is the body of Christ. It is part of being a new creation (1 Cor 10:16-7; 2 Cor 13:14). Of course, this does not happen overnight. It takes time and trust.

Missionally Present

What does it mean to be missionally present? It means the church is not the source of mission; instead it is the center or location of the mission. The church serves as the very life-giving and mediated presence of Christ. The church is essential to God’s purpose because we represent the body of Christ and we celebrate our union with Christ and experience it in our Sunday worship (Eph 1:22-23). We believe our Sunday worship gathering is the place where people experience God’s presence; where they come in contact with the divine. We want people to see, taste, and touch the Lord’s sovereign power and unmerited gracious love. We believe this is best communicated through a theologically rich liturgy with a warm, engaging expression. Additionally, we aim to be a blessing to the surrounding community. As Preston Graham states, “Christ’s real, if mediated, presence in the local church is experienced in the presence of Christ acting in three vocational roles or services in relation to being our prophet (declaration through teaching and preaching), Priest (sacramental participation through worship) and king (communal formation through mercy giving and shepherding).”

Outward Facing

We are going to be in an unchurched area that does not understand biblical language, theological language, biblical patterns, liturgy, church government, etc. Our goal is to stay scripturally grounded and gospel-rooted, while understandably communicating these truths. We will aim not to make assumptions, but to explain the reality of God’s grace in language that is apprehensible. We will welcome all to come and worship with us. Not only does our Sunday worship need to be outward facing, i.e., looking for ways to embrace the strangers among us, but we need to be outward facing in our daily lives.

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The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is a growing, diverse denomination that is “faithful to the Scriptures, true to the Reformed faith and obedient to the Great Commission.”


The Southwest Church Planting Network is a cooperative work of PCA churches in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. It is our vision to plant more than 75 new churches and major college campus ministries in the Southwest by the year 2020.


Mission Anabaino is a church planting network and theological collaborative based out of New Haven, CT that targets “frontier” cities and equips planters with their unique Total Christ vision.